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A Retirement Plan Just For You!

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Planning for retirement can be overwhelming for many of us. Some questions you might have, may include:​

  • How much should I save? 

  • Which investments are right for me?

  • How much will I need in retirement?

  • When is it ok to take money out of my account?


Eastside Fire & Rescue has partnered with ClearPoint Financial Partners (CPFP) to help you plan, save and invest for your financial future. Take the next step today!

If you just have a question or two, give our advisor a call or email, (contact info below.) Or, if you want to create a personalized retirement plan based on your unique goals, follow the steps below. 

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Complete the Retirement Questionnaire (click here)



In a few days you will receive a personalized retirement report and an opportunity to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a retirement consultant.



Meet with our retirement consultant, ClearPoint Financial Partners to review your account, answer questions and put your retirement plan into action. Scheduling a retirement "check-up" every year or two is great way to stay on track to reach your retirement goals.

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